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Welcome!  Thank you so much for being here...I'm humbled that you've taken your time to read my thoughts!  I am no writer and I'm still diving into this blogging world, but my deep desire is that God be glorified through all my posts and that my story of griefs and joys would bring you some encouragement and hope on your journey!

I'm Anamaria and I love Jesus!  I began this blog out of a desire  that God put in my heart to encourage others who are going through storms in life, who have experienced losses and hardships and grief...and especially women who have experienced the death of a child!  

I am happily married to my love, Teo, for over 14 years!  We have been blessed with 5 children, 3 of which we will meet in heaven!  My daughter, Eliana, is my sweet, thoughtful, and caring big girl!  She is in 3rd grade and is such a joy to our hearts and a loving, thoughtful big sister!  Josiah is 6 and is finishing up 1st grade... he is my playful, silly, stubborn little man!  I call him my little shadow, as he loves to go everywhere I go and be with me 24/7 and most of the time, I love that too! :) We were blessed last year with another little love, Grace, who is now 14 months old and keeping us on our toes as she explores every inch of everything!  I have my teaching degree, but I love spending my days homeschooling these little guys and teaching piano lessons!  Some days are hard and I'm a mess and find myself questioning doing it all...but God is gracious and His mercies are new every morning...so I'm keeping on! 

I love to sing...play the piano...teach...knit...shop...read...spend time with family and friends...go to bible study.

God has brought me through some hard storms...storms I didn't think would come into my life, for one...and second, didn't think I'd be able to go through.

I'm overjoyed by what He has taught me through them...the strength He gave in my weakness...the peace He gave in my grief...the healing He gave my broken heart...the joy He put in my soul!  You see friend, He works all things together for my good and I trust Him with my life!  Will you trust Him also with yours?

I welcome your comments and your prayer requests...and I pray God's peace over you, even now, if you are going through a storm in your life!  Feel free to subscribe and share this with anyone who needs some encouragement!

                                                     This is our family in the fall of 2015



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